PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 Version APK has been released now. The website of PUBG Mobile also provides APK link to Download & Install the Latest 0.22.0 version in android devices. PUBG Mobile Lite was first released in 2019 and since then this version of the game has attracted millions of fans because of the engaging game play and minimal hardware requirements. We have listed down the steps that you should follow to download the PUBG Mobile Lite latest update.

PUBG Mobile Lite Latest Update: One of the most sensational online free to play battle with realistic graphics, 3D sound quality works on iOS and Android. It is one of those fantastic games that had increased a boom in the life of youth, especially. It surprises you with its power back features of playing in multiplayer mode, wherein each battle you’re supposed to kill the other players and survive yourself in the end and get a chance to enjoy Chicken dinner.

In this game, you have to keep yourself in the safe zone and continue to play with your strategic mind and action to sustain yourself till the end of the battle. There are different cold objects and materials made of wood, metal, or stone. Using all these, you can prevent yourself from gunfire. As the battle starts, the player has to get their weapons, form your strategy to survive for the attacks from other players.


PUBG Mobile APK Explore yourself through the environment of the battle, get the players coming out from roads, cities, hills, houses, etc. While moving forward, you might be going with the purpose of killing your enemy, but your other enemies may take a chance to kill you from the back.

so, you have to keep your back covered to move further in the battle. You can even make a call to your friends, discuss and have a chat while you’re playing. Isn’t that cool? Well, they are, and because of its super cool features, it is one of the most played games in the world.

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File Info

App Name: PUBG Mobile Lite APK

Version – 0.22.0
Available for – Android Mobile and Devices
Download From – Click Here
Version – APK Mode
Category -Game APK’s
Price – Free
Website Link –
Buy and Sell Game Accounts Online


  • The weapons in this game play let you choose your arms that you want to according to your strategy and pick some of the firearms, throwaways, etc. with its excellent working ballistics and trajectories.
  • You can choose your kind of transportation and ride the way you want to chase your enemy but beware of the attacks and the bombs from the enemies. You have to look out your way further with your mastermind tricks.
  • If you’re playing for the first time or just a starter, you might be cheated by many and so PUBG mobile also provides you some anti-cheat mechanisms which will help you maintain a fair game environment.
  • It provides real-time chatting with the members of your team in the multiplayer mode, which helps in planning your attacks and targets towards your enemies. Also, it helps to take wise decisions.
  • The use of power Engine 4 in the graphics has increased its impact by providing a realistic 3D view and the audio playback that gives you a feel as if you’re playing in the real battlefield.

PUBG Mobile Lite Download APK

To Download APK PUBG Mobile in your android mobile or device you must have proper internet connection. If you have wifi connection then it would be better. Here we have provided simple steps to download Lite PUBG game in APK 0.22.0 Version.

How to Download APK PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0

To download PUBG Mobile Lite APK you need to go to the website: click here
Then find latest 0.22.0 APK version link. Download Here
The Game size is around 714 Mb.
You must have enough space to download Lite PUBG APK 0.22.0 Latest version.
Now install the game in your android mobile or device.
Once you install successfully the game can be opened.
PUBG Mobile and other Top Games Website – Click Here

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