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 Outriders” is a cooperative third-person role-playing game developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix’s European subsidiary.

The game has been released on April 1st, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia. The game is about a newly discovered world known as “Enoch,” where severely endangered human life. As an “Outrider,” your job is to explore the planet and fight against all the unfortunate happenings like a sudden change in weather patterns resulting in severe storms.

Outriders Gameplay and Graphics

There are four in-game characters classes you can choose to start your journey with. These are the fiery Pyromancer, the zap-happy Technomancer, the tank-like Devastator, or the sneaky Trickster. Each character class has its weaknesses and strengths or set of skills. All these skills and strengths are presented to you as you progress. 

The gameplay, in general, is a mixture of rage, bloody gore, and a beautiful tech environment. The game plays out smoothly and includes a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Outriders also do a very decent job with their graphical capabilities. The full version of the game certainly shows improvements from the demo version in terms of visuals.

Talking about the gameplay starts with basic control training and an overview of how everything works. The character unlocks special abilities as you progress and is much more than just a typical shooter RPG. 

The game also has a variety of difficulty levels to choose from when starting the primary story mode.

The online co-op and multiplayer mode are still picking up the pace as a few players have purchased the game and are available on the servers. The first impressions are, however, extraordinarily optimistic and likable. 

Outriders Review/Public Response

The game has been released and is in its very early stage. Therefore, the review and the public response gathered are not entirely liable, but it does give us the essential hint of the impression this game left on the players. The game initially has been received very positively, and up till now, there are already many players available on the servers if you choose to play online. If the game lives up to its expectations, it could be one of the big hits of the year as well. But as said earlier, it’s still too soon to tell.

Outriders Game time and File size

Outriders have a vast array of gaming options, including the primary story mode with several varieties of Side missions and an online Co-op and Multiplayer mode to play and compete with your friends. The primary story mode is around 30 hours long, which makes for a fair game-time experience. 

On Xbox Series X, the Microsoft Store says the game has a file size of 83.3 GB. Meanwhile, the system requirements on PC say to make sure you have 70 GB of space available. As the Gigabytes suggest, the game size is massive for the PC and console players.


Steam – ₹2,999 



Ps4 (free PS5 upgrade) – ₹3,999

Xbox(free next gen upgrade) – ₹3,999

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