Minecraft without dirt or water is not what we expect. So here’s what is additional in the game this time. Minecraft included mud and frogs!. Isn’t that a good combo? Frogs and mud go completely fine together. This update hits fans this year. It adds mud blocks, frogs, and new swamps.

Recently this year’s Minecraft’sLive announced a lot of news and upcoming updates in the future Minecraft. But the craziest update was about the frogs and mud. Fans are going all crazy regarding this update.

Even though none of this substance will hit Minecraft until 2022 through the impending “Wild Update.”

Mud in Minecraft is as beneficial as in real life. Mud has other uses too: You add some water to dirt, you got mud. If you find a mud block and place it in the sun, it will dry out and become clay. You can also add wheat and sand into mud blocks to create clay bricks, building castles, or anything else.

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There was much more reported today during the live, which you can find out about here. If you look at Twitter, it’s, for the most part, individuals altogether going wild over the mud squares and frogs.

In any case, taken out from all that, I think mud is an ideal new structure material to add to Minecraft. It seems like it ought to have been in the game since it initially dispatched. 

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