$1200 in my pocket for playing a game for 2 years without investing a single penny. Another $100 for playing a different game and add on another sum of $700 for playing the third game. Oh no no no, this is not gambling, this baby is the world of ESPORTS! So now, do you play mobile or video games? Do you have a games account which you have stopped using and want to sell game accounts? Do you want to earn some extra cash out of simply playing video games? Are you ready to begin the adventure? If the answer to all these questions is Yes, then stay with me here till the end of the article.

I’m here to tell you the easiest tips and tricks to sell game accounts and how to reach your way to the top!

1. Know The Right Market To Sell Game Accounts

Firstly, to sell game account, we need to make sure there is the presence of the perfect marketplace to afford the game you’re playing. There are many platforms and different websites like Esports4G, which offers the best deals for the purchase and sale of a games account. You need to compare the same and select the one which is most verified. 

Key Point: Your games account shouldn’t be corrupted or have any kind of glitches. 

2. Popularity

Secondly, to sell game accounts the popularity of the games is one of the major factors to look into. The more popular the game is, the more chances there is for your account to sell out at the highest price. 

Key Point: If you wish to invest in a game, check it out in the app store for the number of downloads the game has got. It is going to give you a fair idea of where to put your bets.

3. Time

Time plays a very effective role in making you stand out from others. The longer hours you have invested in the game, the more the chances are for you to reach the higher or difficult levels, making your account reach the topmost option when you want to sell. In such cases, the pro point is, you may even get the option to put your own price, of course keeping in mind the community norms.

Key Point: If the game has rare units which take a lot of time to achieve, then the ball is in your court, as time is equivalent to money.

4. In-Game Trade

Yes, there’s a thing called In-game trade. It allows you to exchange or trade off items in the game, in exchange for game currency. This factor may look minute but it also adversely affects you to sell game accounts.

Key Point: Try to earn as much game currency as you can as it levels up the appraises of your game account. 

5. Competition 

The most exciting part of playing a game in the competition. I mean what else would motivate you to work hard enough to win? Talking about competition, there 4 kinds to it: 

  • Player vs Player
  • In game tournaments 
  • Real life tournaments
  • Tournaments with cash prizes 

If your account provides the last option for the player to play tournaments and leagues, the person can at one point recoup all the amount he has invested in the game in the first place. This in turn gives your account an edge over all the other accounts that are up for sale. 

Hustle more, to earn your way to the top while selling a games account. It’s not at all difficult to come to conclusions while selling an account, just remember the better the account, the better the chances are to sell it at your own price. And in a way, you can always invest the money you earn to make a different games account better. 


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