A complete guide to how to make a career as a video-game streamer.

Who doesn’t love gaming? Well, people who believe gaming is a malarkey, of course, but gaming’s stock has been on an upward stride for a long time now. In an age where gaming is now known as the perfect escape from reality, people spend many hours playing games. It may seem like having fun from your perspective or a waste of time from someone else’s.

But we live in different times now, where people can make money from gaming and see it as a viable career option. As mentioned in our article here.

The most popular option among people to pursue a career in gaming is to become a Video-Game Streamer. 2020 saw a massive spike in two matters; one was COVID, and the other was the rise in video-game streaming.

Let’s see what does it take to be a successful streamer;


I am sure those who clicked on this article excited about becoming a streamer had the energy sucked out of their soul. Yes, investment is probably the primary reason why most streamer aspirants drop the idea altogether.

But it is simply not possible to become a streamer without investing in quality hardware & tech. Significant investment is necessary for;

  • High-End Computer: A powerful computer would let you multitask & run your applications at a smooth pace. Most streamers use dual-monitor computers.
  • Capture Card: A capture card is needed to live-stream and records your videos to edit later on. If you are a console gamer, you must use one as consoles offer limited recording at limited quality.
  • Accessories: You must have a recording camera of the highest quality, headphones with mic & noise cancelation.

Make sure you also have a stable and fast internet connection to go with hardware.


Twitch & YouTube are the best platforms for a Video-Game Streamer. While Twitch is a platform dominated by gamers alike, possible revenue generation from YouTube is much higher than Twitch.

Either way, audience building is the most essential fundamental for the success of a channel. You need to maintain your audience through engaging content and make them come back to your channel to check out more content posted by you. In short, more than viewers, you need to focus on getting subscribers.


The most important part about being a content creator is bringing out the best from something you are good at. You need to evaluate your options and choose what specific topic you can flourish your passion & skills to generate a mass audience. Anyone can post videos on youtube. The key is to stand out from the rest.

When it comes to gaming, the options are a ton.

-You could post videos showcasing your skills in a particular game.
-Provide funny moments and montages.
-Full walkthrough videos
-Or you could stand out with your entertaining personality and funny commentary on a game.

It is also neat if your videos contain a diverse amount of content. The same-old content could disengage your audience, so you need to vary the type of stuff you post.


It would be best if you follow a strict schedule regarding your content posting. The best way to grow & attract an audience back to your channel is by letting them know at what exact date & time they can expect a new post from you.


The most important aspect of keeping and growing your audience is interacting with them regularly. Whether it’s commenting under a video or a post on social media, you must let your audience know you appreciate the time they put into watching your content.


There’s a lot of competition in the streaming category. Your growth may be slow, and your revenue may be low. But it would be best if you believe in yourself and keep going at whatever pace necessary. Remember, in the end; It’s all about having fun in what you do.

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