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Here are all updates, which I had collected for all the fans.

Far Cry 6, like all previous versions, is a game about war. This installation takes place on the fictional Caribbean island of Yarra, which has gone from a beautiful state of isolation to the horror of war. Dani Rojas was a deserter who joined the guerrillas to resist the dictatorship on the island.

Ubisoft initially stated that this is not political. A blog post on the developer’s website later admitted that the political aspects of the game were planned. But, as the hesitation in acknowledging the politics of the game implies, there is a unique and considered story behind the game that transcends any actual political events on which it may be based.

Far Cry 6 Trailers

1.   FarCry 6 Official Story Trailer

In a new trailer for “Far Cry 6” brought by Gamescom2021, the focus is on the story of the game. In two and a half minutes, he allowed us to see Giancarlo Esposito playing the game’s villain, Anton Castillo, and featured game revolutionaries who tried to defeat him.

2.   Far Cry 6: Xbox Gameplay Overview Trailer

Debuting at the Bethesda E3 showcase and Microsoft, the recent trailer for Far Cry 6 reveals Dani is taking down mercs with knives, crossbows, and… a flamethrower, and a lot more.

3.   Far Cry 6: The Villain

Have you ever desired to play a villain character? Now you can! Play as Pagan Min, Joseph Seed, or Vass Montenegro in Fry Cry 6. Well, you’ll be able to do precisely that in Far Cry 6’s first piece of Season Pass content.

4.   Far Cry 6 gameplay trailer

The latest trailer provided us with a look at the Gameplay for the first time. The trailer reveals how it will focus more on brutal guerrilla warfare than its predecessors and even gave us a closer look at some of the Amigos we can enlist for help, including the Chorizo and an alligator buddy. Check it out below:

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Release date

Far Cry 6 release date is on October 7, 2021, for Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia. In fact, Ubisoft has promised to show the game on PS4 and Xbox One before launch to avoid cyberpunk 2077.


Far Cry 6 pre-orders are prepared for almost all versions in the United States and the United Kingdom. You can click on the provided below links, and you will be able to choose between the different versions of the game.


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Far Cry 6 Gameplay

The game trailer shows a variety of weapons, especially if the player must improvise using sardine tanks and other temporary weapons to survive. Players must also create interference, deceive the enemy, and complete a number of other painful tasks in addition to killing. Imagine that when you cut someone’s neck with a CD launcher, you made a groove in the Macarena.

The battle of Far Cry 6 is still based on first-person shooting elements. However, Ubisoft stated that it would also add a third-person perspective to the game. Historically, “Far Cry” has forever been a first-person series. Ubisoft has added a third-person viewpoint to Far Cry. It seems that only part of the game will be in the third person, but this is still an important decision. 

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