Electronic Arts have released a new trailer showing three of Battlefield 2042’s new maps. Each map is “specially designed to provide a unique experience that directly influences the strategy of you and your team.” 

 This video is not an accurate, detailed tactical analysis. Instead, it briefly outlines three different environments and is littered with varying architectures for players to climb. What they all have in common is a size with “several different combat areas” that allow close quarters, ranged, and vehicle combat at the same time. The following is a brief breakdown of the new cards displayed on the trailer.

  • Renewal: A diverse landscape of the Egyptian desert, with a solar power plant on one side and a lush research facility. There is a wall between two regions with different entry points, such as a bottleneck through the frequently contested entry checkpoints in Conquest in the center of the map. Players also need to prepare for hand-to-hand combat in these areas and the two buildings within the renewal. 
  •  Breakaway: This Antarctic map features an offshore platform off the frozen coast and an Outlook station high on the battlefield, making it the center of aerial combat. On the jagged trails of the glacier, players fight in and on ice cliffs. Ziplines and rope suspension bridges connect the ice cliffs, and the rapid deployment of parachutes can make a difference between life and death. 
  •  Disposal: Includes flooded villages on the west coast of India, demolished hulls, and gigantic ships to explore. This card provides many covers and close-quarters combat. The colossal ship allows players to fight on board while the airship attacks from above and the tank hits the hull. Players should be vigilant as tornado threats can hit the map at any time in the event of unpredictable weather. 

 If you include these three, you’ll have a total of seven maps that will be displayed at the start of Battlefield 2042. As with the new specialists, more maps are planned with seasonal updates. Electronic Arts recently revealed the second half of the Battlefield 2042 specialist (including the first non-binary character in the series). There are controversial characters here despite concerns about the game in recent beta tests. I confirmed.

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