Destiny 2 has started to find its best in recent seasons; after the showdown between The Chosen Season and the Cabal, the Splicer’s Season cooperated with the Guardian and the Bright House to fight against Vex. We have seen a lot of twists and turns in the narrative. With the expansion of “The Witch Queen” coming soon, it is clear that the game is in a pretty good position.

The 15th season of Destiny 2, which was identified as the “Season of Lost.”

Season 15 release date

The season 15 date should be August 24, 2021. It “should be” because there is no official news yet, but everything we have is history. The end dates of all previous seasons have ushered in the next season, and the Splicer season will end on August 24. Therefore, Season 15 is likely to begin at that time, although Bungie has not proved it yet.

Season 14 will end on August 24, and the recent delay in the significant expansion of the Witch Queen has made the end of 2021 questionable. Players are looking forward to the launch of the Witch Queen this year, which coincides with the launch of another season, which may be the 16th season because the Witch Queen has been postponed to 2022. It is not sure whether the 16th season will continue and whether the 15th season will be longer. 

Season 15: New weapon

The new weapons in Destiny 2 may be new scout rifles, pulse rifles, and side guns, although these have not been confirmed. Each of these weapons will be unlocked once the event is complete. Several new global releases are also on the way, and many nine test weapons are being redesigned for the new season, meaning 18 new weapons will enter Destiny 2 subsequent week.

Destiny 2 Season 15 Story 

destiny 2

Savathun, Destiny 2’s next “big bad,” is likely to make her influence felt, and some rumors suggest that he has penetrated the tower. We have heard Crow, Shaxx, Osiris, Lakshmi2, and more humming Savathun songs in the last few months. People in town can also be heard during welder season. In fact, Pioneer is now in an extraordinary place. A piece of history shows that Savadun is already in the city, which means that things may soon start to rush towards the Witch Queen.

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