Electronic Arts have officially announced that the character Emma “Sundance” Rosier is a Gender Nonbinary whose gender identity is neither male nor female. This step is unprecedented in Electronic Arts and aims to reflect the reality of our society in which gender freedom exists. I’m still surrounded by discrimination.

Thus, the arrival of Sundance opens the door to groups that were not previously involved in video games, but it is a patent for some gamers in the non-binary genre. Emma “Sundance” Rosier appeared just a few days ago. From that moment on, they are in Anglo-Saxon countries, whether we deal with non-binary gender symbols when the pronoun “she” is used to treat people who are neither masculine nor feminine. I started to wonder. One of EA’s community managers confirmed this.

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Sundance is one of the ten specialists available in the game. Equipment includes a wingsuit that allows you to slide a significant phase closer to the target and an intelligent explosive that attacks enemy vehicles once thrown. Sundance was not added in the beta version and will be included in the final version, along with the missing features. The lack of a campaign on Battlefield 2042 means that, as PC Gamer points out, the gender identity of Sundance is not related to the game. Few would know the details of this character unless they read these publications or find articles about them. Want to buy or sell games accounts for actual money? Visit Esports4g the largest gaming marketplace for gamers. Get an extensive variety of game accounts at the best price possible.  

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