KRAFTON has announced the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BMI), an Indian variant of highly popular game; PUBG.

If you could listen to the noise coming out of every Indian household harboring a gamer on 2nd September 2020 then that would be them whimpering at the news of the Indian Government banning the popular mobile game Player Unknown Battlegrounds(PUBG).

The Battle Royal game created a vast following in the country with over more than 50 Million active users. It made it the most popular game in India & Its ban inevitably left a huge void in the heart of gamers.

As time passed by many other companies start to come up with alternatives but as they say, nothing beats the original.

But KRAFTON’s recent announcement said that they will be re-launching the game with a new title called “Battlegrounds Mobile India”. The news sent every gamer around the country cheers and rejoiced in excitement about the launch.


PUBG was under the scrutiny of various Countries around the globe for a long time.

The first was due to date & privacy concerns regarding the app. The storage of the user’s database strictly took place in Chinese servers.

The second was the involvement of Chinese company TENCENT which didn’t help after Indo-Chinese relations got worse in 2020.

The third was the ethical concern about how the game is too addictive for children. Along with users wasting money on micro-transitions, and too much blood & gore.

Upon the ban, KRAFTON completely broke its ties with TENCENT.


Following a new policy, KRAFTON gave full certainty of the user database of Battlegrounds Mobile India will entirely be created and stored in India. Thus getting the seal of approval of the Indian Government regarding privacy concerns.

The game will contain Indian exclusive content only like its Chinese counterpart.

Regarding changes in the gameplay, it will be the similar free-to-play Battle Royal theme of the original PUBG Mobile. There will be a few tweaks such as;

-Different maps. Most of them will be Indian exclusive, along with a few old ones.
-The color of blood will now be green.
-Players will wear full clothes upon landing on arrival.

Unfortunately, users cannot transfer their previous inventory from the original game. They might have to start fresh.

Players under 18 years of age will need permission from their parents by providing their phone numbers. They can only play for 3 hours a day while maintaining a purchase cap of 7000INR maximum on in-game purchases.

KRAFTON will also continue to hold various tournaments across India for the gamers to take part.

They have sent out a special request to content creators and streamers in India to refrain from using “PUBG” to address the game as they fear it might get the game banned again in the country.


So far KRAFTON hasn’t announced a specific launch date for the game but rumors suggest it might launch sometime in June. A with a few reports stating that the date might be 10th June 2021.

Until then Gamers can apply for Pre-Registration from 18th May 2021 onwards to avail of exciting offers and rewards. Users can register here-

For now, the pre-registration is only open for Android users with no date for IOS users but developers have ensured that the game will be launched on both mobile platforms.

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