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Apex Legends patch notes: new updates in Season 10

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Apex Legends usually releases significant updates at the beginning of the new season, showing all the new characters’ abilities or adding new maps. Still, each season’s update is minor; it will also keep you up to date. Changes, small or significant, will keep things fresh, and future patch notes can give us a glimpse into the future of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is a real-time service game, which simply means that it is always up to date. Whether it’s the new maps, new characters, new season, or any unusual subtle changes to weapon damage and bug fixes, Respawn developers usually let us know about the changes.


Apex legend fixed some bugs related to prophetic abilities, as well as a script error, which was triggered by the interaction between Fuse and Wattson’s ultimate capabilities. Fixed a map hole near Climatizer, which has now been repaired out near Climatizer and reduced the ADS speed of LStar. The Prowler’s damage has also been decreased from fifteen to fourteen, degrading the body shot from 75 to 70. Prowler and LStar have also become more expensive in Arenas.


Apex Legends Season 10 contains a host of little gold nuggets about the state of the game as we enter the new season.



The Boosted Loader will enter the list of Wingman and Hemlok to increase the player’s reload speed to approach no load. If you are also lucky, you may even get some extra rounds. The Quickdraw Holster and Anvil Receiver will be used in Season 10.

Supply drop rotation

In the supplies for season 10, you will find the M600 Spitfire rather than a Prowler. Spitfire will interchange with the SMG Alternator.

Fully kitted rotation

In Season 10, a list of the following guns are fully kitted out:


LStar now comes with a powered magazine and barrel to reduce recoil. The scale of projectile visual effects has been decreased by about half, the spread of hipfire has increased, and the strength of the first-person impact effect has been reduced.


The processing time of all pistols has been decreased by approximately 10% to compensate for the elimination of Quickdraw holster jumps. The development team stated that it would continue to monitor its performance throughout the Emergence process.


Ranking Arena will be introduced this season, so the mode has undergone many changes. Now Rampage and Prowler substitute the Spitfire and alternator in the Care Package store. The starting costs of various legends have changed, and the prices of multiple weapons have also changed.



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