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October 2022 Upgrade – Clash of Clans Town Hall 15, The Most Magical Town Hall Yet Is Here

On August 2, 2022, Clash of Clans, one of the most beloved games of the past decade, celebrated its tenth anniversary. In a video update on the official YouTube channel, we saw the game’s history throughout the years and peek at some new changes. After that, it has been a point of discussion for all gamers around the globe. So many speculations were made, theorizing that a new Town Hall update is coming.

Guess what? All those assumptions turned out to be true. Recently, Clash of Clans revealed Town Hall 15 in their new October upgrade via their Twitter handle. The Twitter thread mentioned, “While Town Hall 15 does not have a unique signature defensive weapon, its Giga Inferno can be upgraded several times to make it even more potent than before.” Another post claims that it’s the most magical Town hall yet. And in the brief teaser, we can see that magic poisons are brewing to burn your enemies. Isn’t it thrilling?

The tweet also mentioned that this ongoing Town Hall 14 challenge is the last one, hinting at the upcoming update.

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Never before like : Barracks System Change

Last month, Supercell revealed that there would also be some changes in Barracks in this upcoming October update. According to the official website, extra Barracks and Dark Barracks buildings will be removed, and only the highest one of each will be kept, and if all the highest buildings are under construction, you get to keep the one with the shortest upgrade time left.

Another change was that all the production buildings, such as Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory, and Siege Workshop, will not stop training while under upgrade. Instead, they’ll continue training at 50% of their normal speed.

Furthermore, troop training time will be the same with one Brrack or Dark Barrack as it is now, with four Barracks

Clash of Clans: Town Hall 15 Upgrade

Now you must be curious about what this new Town Hall would look like, how much it would cost, the challenges it would contain, etc. Be at ease; we have got you covered. As we advance, we will look into this latest Town Hall Level, launching this October.

As Supercell captioned in the video published on Twitter, There is Magic In The Air. Yes, you read it right. The magic theme of TH15 is so evident throughout the previews.

It will cost 18M Gold to upgrade Town Hall 15, which would take 15 days. Players would receive 2M Gold, 2M Elixir, 20K Dark Elixir capacity, and 9600 Hit Points.

As I cited earlier, this new town hall has no unique signature weapon, but its Giga inferno can be upgraded several times to build it more powerful. It can be upgraded to level 5, requiring 10M, 12M, 14M, and 16M Gold. Supercell also dropped a hit about some tricks, which would be revealed in the upcoming previews.

When you have advanced your Town Hall to Level 15, you’ll also open several other updates for your Home Village. It will include Defenses, Storages, Clan Castle, Barracks, Army Camp, Laboratory, Spell Factory, Siege Workshop, Pet House, Walls, Troops, spells, and Traps. Also, Each Hero can be upgraded with five other Levels. You can check the detailed list here.

Moreover, as a part of refactoring and balancing the upgrade costs, the upgrade cost and time will also be reduced for many Buildings, Defenses, Units, etc. For the complete list, check out this post here.

Although Supercell hasn’t officially confirmed the release date yet, they promised to uncover something monolithic that will spell doom for the enemies tomorrow.

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